About the collection

The new line by WONÀ Concept takes the common perception of evening wear to a whole new level. Vibrant colors, diverse materials, and a range of silhouettes have been carefully curated to suit every character and mood of a woman choosing it. Still, WONÀ maintains an absolute sense of ease and delicacy in each outfit. The same approach has been used for the classic mothers' and bridesmaids' dress lines, inspiring women's versatility of expression.

Celebrating Women and Their Diversity

The collection exudes a fresh and fashion-forward character. Simple and minimalistic lines, along with intricate details showcase captivating and intriguing femininity that can be discovered in every woman. Women are all different and always changing and just like them, our dresses are.

The evening wear line promises to be the icing on the cake and is the highlight of the season. Following the mothers' and bridesmaids' line, this new chapter of WONÀ CONCEPT will continue to surprise and revolutionize the world of bridal wear.