Miami Collection

Miami Collection is a sophisticated collection that mixing latest worldwide trends and unique silhouettes. The collection is made from luxurious fabrics and laces. All gowns are sewn for gorgeous brides who are energetic, self confident and emotional.


Diva is an incredible and extremely elegant at the same way collection. Mix of later trends and always fashionable basic classic is a win win for each bride. All gowns are sewn to emphasize brides beauty and character.

Catching the wind

Catching the wind collection will underline the unique style of each bride. The collection includes different styles from gowns to rompers that will perfectly fit. This collection is stylish, spunky and perfect for both modern and classic wedding. All gowns from this collection are special for daring brides, who love to impress and admire.

The Icon

Wedding dresses from “The Icon” collection are a dream of every bride. Special new line of bridal gowns will surprise you with it’s revealing new ideas, fresh design and beautiful lines. New collection “The Icon” aims to highlight the breathtaking beauty of a woman in love.  Beading and gorgeous embellishments accentuate the unique, clean designs. Enjoy silhouettes, avant-garde fabrics and innovative lace textures and patterns.

Paris Collection

"Be special" line collection was shot in beautiful Paris, France, and continues the trend of romance and glamour that we’ve become accustomed to. The new "Paris Collection" totally blew us away us away with one-of-a-kind designs, opulent hand beaded detailing, and exclusive laces that any bride dreams of. Everything from ball gowns in luxurious fabrics to fashion forward styles awaits you in this masterpiece. 

Timeless Beauty

Tenderness is the first thing that comes to mind, when you see the collection. Timeless beauty is a versatile collection represented both, delicate dresses decorated with laces and elegant classic images of exclusive fabrics.


WONÁ brand originates from the 80s of the XX century. It was time when the foundation for an entirely new history of wedding and evening women's clothing was laid in the legendary pearl of Eastern Europe, the city of Lviv (Ukraine).