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WONÁ Flagship Store - The flagship WONÁ Concept store in New York
WONÁ Flagship Store
The flagship WONÁ Concept store in New York
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WONÁ Flagship Store - The flagship WONÁ Concept store in Los Angeles
WONÁ Flagship Store
The flagship WONÁ Concept store in Los Angeles
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WONÁ Concept opened its new showroom in Los Angeles with a sumptuous cocktail party in Beverly Hills on September 1st. This is the second U.S. showroom for our brand; founders Ilona and Artur Shramko opened its flagship store in Fifth Avenue in New York in 2019.

06 September `23
Trunk Show In Australia, Armadale
Raffaelle Cuica

Raffaelle Cuica

1009 High Street, Armadale, VIC 3143
Trunk Show In Australia, Brunswick
Raffaelle Cuica

Raffaelle Cuica

441-443 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Trunk Show In USA, Denver, CO
Perla Bridal

Perla Bridal

Perla Bridal 836 Santa Fe Dr Denver, CO 80204
Trunk Show In USA, Huntsville, AL
La Mariee Bridal

La Mariee Bridal

2605 Old Fairway Rd Huntsville, AL 35806
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Tailoring and wholesale bridal gowns for retailers | Wedding dresses wholesale from WONA Concept famous manufacturer

Wedding is an extremely important event in the life of every girl. On this day the bride wants to be charming and dressed in the best of the best wedding dresses. The wedding dress should enchant, inspire and emphasize the beauty of the bride. The design of the dress requires a successful combination of unsurpassed style, luxury, unusualness, and simplicity. That's right, wedding dresses wholesale USA represents the WONA Concept brand. The company specializes in the manufacture of stylish, elegant, and spectacular wedding dresses.

Wedding dresses wholesale from WONA Concept famous manufacturer

Wedding dresses wholesale: create your business with WONA Concept

Wholesale wedding gowns in Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Europe and favorable terms of cooperation are offered by the WONA Concept company. The WONA Concept brand does not follow fashion tendencies in the wedding industry: it creates them! Wedding dresses wholesale from the WONA Concept brand designed for sensual and refined images. 

All models are created thanks to long work, the use of materials of the highest quality, and unique ideas. Besides, wedding dress wholesale suppliers offer to buy on favorable terms.

Our company has gained popularity due to the following undeniable advantages: 

  • Exclusively copyrighted design of wedding and evening dresses;
  • Each model has "its own style";
  • Accordingly, high quality of tailoring;
  • The best materials and accessories are used; and
  • Profitable cooperation.

The company is constantly evolving, combining original and unusual solutions in its products, releasing more and more advanced collections. The collections are created in such a way that each bride can choose a dress based on taste, figure features, and financial capabilities.

Wholesale bridal dresses: create your business with WONA Concept

Wholesale wedding dress vendors have the opportunity to create an exclusive range in your salon. To buy wholesale bridal gowns for retailers is a great opportunity to create a unique range of luxury classes and start profitable cooperation with a successful company.

Wedding dresses wholesale USA: The benefits of working with the WONA Concept brand 

WONA Concept is a well-known brand for tailoring wedding dresses. WONA Concept occupies a leading position in the wedding fashion market and provides its customers with quality products: chic and unique wedding dresses.

We always make sure that our partners - wholesale wedding dress vendors, receive the goods as soon as possible. Our company works not only in the European market. Wholesale bridal dresses of the WONA Concept brand can be bought on other continents: the USA. Our dresses have gained recognition and are in demand among American brides.

The WONA Concept company sews unique, gentle, and refined wholesale bridal dresses. We are always aware of wedding tendencies, which allows us to create nothing but the very best wedding dresses wholesale. WONA Concept has long specialized in the production of wedding dresses wholesale. Modern production, professional seamstresses, talented designers, and the best materials help us to embody in dresses beauty, uniqueness, refinement, and style. Our production can provide a wide range and unsurpassed design of dresses. To buy wholesale wedding gowns in the USA is very easy, you just need to contact the managers only.

Wedding dresses wholesale USA: The benefits of working with the WONA Concept brand

We are always focused on partners and their needs, we provide timely and effective media support, we have a huge selection of luxury wedding dresses.

WONA Concept wedding dresses wholesale suppliers

It is impossible to imagine a wedding where the bride would be in a regular dress. Every girl has a dream: to look fabulous on such an important day. 

Wholesale bridal gowns from our company have their own special style and color. The bridal gown is an inner reflection of a woman. We create models so that every woman can find something to her liking. Various styles and favorable conditions of cooperation give the chance to buy WONA Concept wholesale bridal dresses.

If you want to order wholesale bridal gowns for retailers in the salon, dresses of the WONA Concept brand is really a great solution. We, as manufacturers, offer to buy wedding dresses wholesale USA. Our products can satisfy even the most demanding brides.

Using the services of WONA Concept, you will buy wholesale bridal gowns for retailers. You do not need to worry about the presence of a particular model and its relevance. WONA Concept is constantly updating its collections with new models, that's why luxury wedding dresses wholesale USA will always be in demand among your customers. Wedding dress wholesale suppliers are sewn in a short time. This is facilitated by well-established production and a developed logistics system.

WONA Concept wholesale wedding gowns suppliers

Make certain of the benefits of our products, using the services of our representative office in the USA. In this way, you will satisfy yourself of the quality of the product, its variety, and unsurpassed design. Also, you will save time on sewing, which is especially true at the peak of the wedding season.

Wholesale plus size wedding dresses for luxury beauties

Develop your business, replenish the range of your salon with beautiful wedding dresses of the WONA Concept brand. You can also buy from us wholesale plus size wedding dresses. Wholesale bridal dresses is a good investment.

We believe that all girls are beautiful, and, that's why, on their wedding day they can look perfect. WONA Concept creates beautiful wedding dresses for girls with different bodily constitution. Wholesale buyers should pay attention to the Wholesale plus size wedding dresses section, which is created for girls with ample curves. WONA Concept designers have a special approach to creating such dresses. Dresses are sewn in such a way as to emphasize all the advantages and charms of the figure and hide the shortcomings. In any case, with the help of our dresses, every plus size bride can create the desired image and become a queen: it all depends on the model and style: lush with a corset, in the style of "goda", straight, white, pastel, with sleeves and without them, with a neckline or a closed top: the choice is very big. You can view the collection in more detail and order wholesale plus size wedding gowns for the salon can be found on our website.

Wholesale plus size wedding dresses for luxury beauties

Wholesale wedding dress vendors: Economic benefits

Today wholesale wedding dress vendors are in fierce competition, so manufacturers of wedding dresses offer customers a variety of promotions, discounts, and special offers. Wedding dress wholesale suppliers offer in a new exclusive version each season.

Our designers have analyzed the offer provided by other wholesale wedding dress vendors and released a revolutionary collection of outfits, which considered the features of female figure and general fashion tendencies.

Stylish and elegant wedding dresses of the WONA Concept brand will make every bride a star at the wedding. Mainly wholesale wedding dress vendors offer those styles of dresses that are popular with modern girls. WONA Concept stylists are well-versed in modern wedding fashion. Wedding dresses wholesale are convenient to order on our Internet resource wherein the detailed description of the main specifications of a product is specified. To buy wholesale bridal gowns of the WONA Concept brand is a good solution for your business!

Wedding dress wholesale suppliers offer to buy on a partnership basis. We look forward to hearing from you because we want your business to thrive. Wedding dresses wholesale USA WONA Concept is a really reasonable investment. Your clients will definitely get the dress of their dreams. Yes, as increasing the range - it is a great move.

To buy wholesale wedding gowns of impeccable quality is not easy. So, the owners of wedding boutiques need to take care in advance to update the range of exclusive designer dresses. 

Our partners have the opportunity to choose and buy wholesale bridal dresses from authors' collections. Besides, we provide high-quality media resources (photos and videos of products), and we also provide guaranty for products.

The WONA Concept company sews wholesale bridal dresses, production is concentrated on the territory of Ukraine. Tailoring of products is carried out from fabrics of proper quality and is subject to strict control at all stages. 

Order wholesale bridal dresses and expand the range of salons with beautiful dresses that are popular all over the world! 

Why is it profitable to buy wholesale bridal gowns for retailers?

Wholesale wedding dress vendors: economic benefits

WONA Concept is constantly working to idealize each process so that the end results win the hearts of brides. The ideology of the brand is to show that every woman is unique: be it a bride, a graduate, or a businesswoman. On the creation of models there works a team of designers, which thinks through each product in detail to make it perfect. Skilled workers: tailors, technologists, designers, cutters, decorators invest their skills and soul in each product. WONA Concept is more than just a brand.

WONA Concept is a company that wholesales wedding dresses. In the market we have established ourselves as a reliable partner and supplier of quality products. In our range, you will find a large number of models of different styles. We are constantly looking for inspiration and new ideas and working on their implementation in inimitable and unique outfits. Wedding fashion is very changeable, not only manufacturers but also entrepreneurs who want to buy wholesale bridal gowns are trying to keep up with it. 

To buy wholesale wedding gowns is a simple task. To do this, you need to find a reliable supplier who offers profitable cooperation: optimal prices, good product quality, and prompt order processing. Communication with colleagues may help a novice businessman to find reliable partners. But, as experience shows, you should just go to the manufacturer's website to see if you need to work with him. After carefully reading the information about the company and communication, you can decide whether to order wholesale bridal dresses from this manufacturer. Only prudence and caution will help you take the right step in the wedding business only.

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