Welcome to WONA Concept – where bridal and evening wear fashion becomes a celebration of choice, emotions, pleasure, and self-confidence.

In Ukrainian, "WONÀ" translates to "she," symbolizing the woman who takes center stage in our brand's story.

At WONA, we offer an exceptional experience – a blend of outstanding service, a personal touch, and a commitment to realizing the unique style and vision of each customer. Dive into a world of unique designs that bring your wedding fantasies to life. Choose WONA and be yourself on your special day, living it to the fullest.



WONA is a family business. Everything started as a small private atelier, located directly at home, and from there, only continued to grow. In 2009, the company turned into the brand that we all know today.

At WONÁ, our clients are our family, so we aim to provide them with the best service. This includes the highest quality, brand reliability, and proficient staff for you to work closely with. Because WONÁ is a Ukrainian brand from Lviv, the company has a unique high-spirited approach to business. We are an incredibly special brand, and it is our goal to make each client that comes to our store feel this to the fullest.

The Designer

Meet Ilona, the creative force behind WONA. Hailing from Lviv, Ukraine, Ilona's journey began in a home-based atelier crafting the first bridal dresses with her family. What started as a hobby evolved into the grand vision of WONÀ, now recognized globally for elevating bridal fashion.

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