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“WONÁ is you”: WONÁ Concept group presents a new project for women!

WONÁ is me. WONÁ is you. WONÁ is each of us.

WONÁ Concept group presents a new project “WONÁ is you”. It's main idea is to show that all girls, without exception, are beautiful and there is no need to adjust to the general "standards" of understanding beauty.

A Cornell University study by Laurie Naibor and Jeffrey Sobal found that 70 percent of brides who participated in the study wanted to lose weight. This desire to adhere to the imposed standards of beauty and supposedly "correct parameters" distorts the natural beauty and individuality , drives the women into the framework, reduces self-esteem, deprives  of self-love and confidence. A common reason is the lack of appropriate size of the desired dress.

3 completely different girls took part in the shooting for the project, who presented the most popular models of dresses from the brands WONÁ Concept and Eva Lendel, members of the WONÁ Concept group. Classic and minimalist, lush according to the latest trends or fitted embroidered with lace and sequins - every bride will find her own dress that will emphasize her individuality and beauty!

“WONÁ Concept and Eva Lendel are recognizable and popular brands not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe and in the USA. We could not stay away and ignore this topic, because it is important to us that absolutely every bride could find her dress, feel beautiful and confident, admire themselves and their appearance. This was the reason and at the same time the inspiration for the creation of the project, ”shares Ilona Shramko, co-founder of WONÁ Concept group.

The name of the project “WONÁ is you” conveys the main values ​​of the WONÁ Concept group. The team believes that the process of preparation for the wedding should be enjoyed. Women are real muses: their beauty, strength and willpower are the inspiration to create incredible brand images. The WONÁ Concept group strives for every woman to be able to realize her dreams and not worry about centimeters, because in this period of life the most valuable thing is feelings and emotions.


PR Agency: 
Ladó Agency 
Sergey Vasiliev 
Anna Goncharova 
Olga Ostapchuk 
Pavlo Lotnik 
Make-up assistant: 
Masha Cairo 
Polina Grebenik 
Marina Sandugey-Shishkina 
Alexander Kirtok

Sofia Wozniak

Alina Koval


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