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WONÀ showcases two collections in the fashion show at BBFW 2023.

WONÀ proudly showcases two collections for the very first time in the fashion show at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2023.

This year our participation in BBFW was highlighted by the opportunity to show our pieces on the stage. Both collections featured in the fashion show are made to celebrate women and their bright emotions in the very special occasion.

Miami Bliss is all about glamorous vibrant style of modern brides, who are ready to showcase their personality through eye-catching outfits featuring particular details.

Another collection, Alma de Oro, meaning «Soul of Gold» is created to highlight the bride’s individuality. Each dress features details to be removed or added to the look, allowing the protagonist of the day to play with her outfit as much as she desires.

During the fashion show, WONÀ models delivered the sensation of celebrating life, which is the essence of a wedding day.

We are delighted to bring up the brightest emotions and feeling of being special to every bride on her special day.

Enormous gratitude to Fira Barcelona — the one and only holder of BBFW since 1991 — for honoring us with the opportunity to take part in the fashion show, which took place in Montjuïc Venue - Plaza España.

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