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Wedding Summer Trends 2024

Summer is already in full swing, and this is the most popular time for weddings with the freshest and most exciting trends. The wedding trends for summer 2024 are anticipated to be very eye-catching, with bright colors, cozy ceremonies, unusual non-traditional parties, and an unhurried atmosphere.

Wedding Colors

One of the most beautiful ways a couple can express their personality on their wedding day is by making the wedding more colorful. Many of the top summer wedding ideas revolve around showcasing these vibrant hues to bring the celebration to life. This summer, tables will dazzle with bright, bold colors inspired by the sunset, including oranges, dark reds, yellows, and deep blues. Enhance the ambiance with shimmering gold accents and silver threads to welcome guests elegantly. Your style can shine through your attire, whether you opt for traditional wedding dresses and tuxedos, stunning pantsuits, or themed outfits that reflect your fun side. White wedding dresses are no longer a requirement. The more your attire reflects your personality, the more comfortable you'll feel, and your guests will appreciate the personalized touch.

The Timeless Elegance of White Wedding Dresses

White wedding dresses remain timeless, embodying the essence of simplicity and elegance that has captivated brides for generations. The purity and sophistication of a white gown make a powerful statement, allowing the bride's natural beauty and joy to radiate on her special day. In 2024, there is a noticeable trend towards minimalist designs, emphasizing grace and refinement. This evolution celebrates the classic allure of white while embracing modern interpretations that resonate with today's brides. Our latest GEMINI collection captures this trend with dresses that intertwine tenderness and charm. It features premium fabrics and diverse silhouettes that celebrate feminine energy in its purest form. The simplicity and elegance of a white dress from our GEMINI collection will make your wedding day unforgettable.

Sergine from Gemini Collection
Gemini from Gemini Collection

Wedding Sizes and Guest Lists

From micro weddings to intimate gatherings to large celebrations with all your friends, family, and coworkers, there is no wrong size for your wedding. For couples in deep and meaningful relationships with their guests, intimate weddings create a different atmosphere when the guest list is limited to just a handful of people who witness the marriage and those closest to the couple. With such smaller events, you can have it with those who have always stood by you through thick and thin, whether during times of great tribulation or joy. However, a micro wedding includes everything required at a larger wedding but on a more intimate scale. These often omit bridesmaids or groomsmen, shorter ceremonies, and cozy post-ceremony dinners. Usually, these affairs gather fewer than 50 invitees, which makes engagement with each other even deeper. There is no one-size-fits-all for weddings, but you can find the right fit. When designing your guest list, start with those you can't imagine celebrating your big day without. Begin with close family and friends, and then expand your list to include other loved ones until you reach your ideal number or feel your list is complete. While your budget might influence the number of guests or the intricacy of the place settings, ultimately, you decide who is most important to have by your side.


A non-wedding takes all the traditional elements of a wedding and tailors them to fit your personal preferences and desires. Instead of a multicourse meal with chicken or steak, consider homestyle family menus, a grilled cheese truck, or a waffle bar for an afternoon celebration. Replace traditional served desserts with a candy bar or cotton candy machine. Change the venue from a church or hall to a place you genuinely love, such as a zoo, aquarium, local botanical garden, or any other cherished location.

The non-wedding brings a fresh twist to summer weddings in 2024, offering freedom and creativity to couples looking to celebrate their marriage in a way that feels true to them. Planning your non-wedding allows you to share your love with friends and family in a setting that matches your personality and preferences. It marks the next stage of your relationship with a celebration that feels natural, memorable, and uniquely yours.

Make it Your Own

Regardless of the trends you follow or the traditions you choose to include or leave behind, your wedding should be about you. It should reflect your life choices, personalities, and journey together as a couple. Some weddings that go against tradition have become uniquely memorable, such as intimate backyard weddings, elopements with just the couple and a few witnesses, or receptions held the day after the ceremony. There are countless ways to make your wedding truly your own. Every detail can showcase your personal touch, from the clothing to the food you serve. Leaving tradition behind is increasingly common, seen not only in wedding attire but also in how guests dress, venue decorations, and transportation choices. Theme weddings and costume or dress-up aspects are popular ways to design a wedding that fits your style. These celebrations are rich with meaning, reflection, and love. Choose your favorite flowers, even if they aren't traditionally elegant or popular. Add potted trees if you love the outdoors, or serve food inspired by your family's holiday meals. Selfies and photo booths are among the most popular wedding trends. They bring a familiar and fun touch to the event, adding relaxation and general enjoyment to what is often a formal occasion. Ultimately, your wedding should be a celebration that feels true to you, filled with personal touches that make it a day to remember.

Wedding invitations, guest lists, registries, and even guest books are moving online. Creating a wedding website can reduce paper use and streamline the RSVP process. Guests can check the registry, view and select food choices, get directions and event details, and sign a digital guest book. It also allows you to receive well wishes from attendees and those unable to join, ensuring everyone you care about is included. With a growing focus on eco-friendly choices, sustainable wedding practices are becoming more popular. Moving invitations, RSVPs, directions, maps, and menus online reduces the need for paper. Eco-friendly weddings might also feature sustainable and locally sourced food, more meat-free options, and fewer disposable items. Choosing outdoor locations highlights the importance of minimizing waste, as litter risks being left behind. However, these practices can extend to any venue. Avoiding single-use items and offering digital photo albums instead of traditional wedding favors are great ways to celebrate sustainably. By incorporating these eco-friendly practices, you can make your wedding not only beautiful but also environmentally conscious, reflecting a commitment to sustainability on your special day.

So, here are our wedding trends for this summer. Whether you choose a white gown's timeless elegance or a modern twist, we hope your wedding day is filled with joy, beauty, and unforgettable moments. Celebrate your love in style and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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