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Wedding in Positano

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Positano is one of the most magical wedding destinations in the world.  But in case you have any doubt in your mind, Alexis & Daven’s wedding album is the only proof you’ll need.   Every detail of this wedding was chosen to highlight all the things the region is known for –the cobalt blue of the ocean, the magenta of local bougainvillea, bright lemons, and ceramics. When we asked about her decor inspiration, the bride told us:  “I was drawn to romantic watercolors and florals, but also the classy elegance of modern fonts and glass decor. I wanted to immerse our guests in a classic Italian vacation, and that’s exactly what we did. Anyone can go to Italy on a vacation, but it’s a rare occasion to be able to say you went to celebrate a loved one’s wedding.”  

Now, I wasn’t a guest at this wedding, but based on these amazing photos shot by Koby Brown, I’m going to venture out and say that she absolutely nailed her vision and gave guests a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience.   And if that’s not destination wedding goals, I don’t know what is.  Enjoy!


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