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Wedding gown silhouettes

​Choosing a wedding dress is an exciting and important stage of preparation for the wedding. Some brides-to-be immediately find the exact one out of thousands of dresses, unlike the others, who can't decide for a long time among the crazy variety. However, some knowledge about the styles and silhouettes of wedding dresses will help you choose the only one, that will suit you and emphasize all the benefits of your appearance. Today we will introduce the main types of silhouettes in wedding dresses, as well as identify what types of figures are best suited for a particular style.

Ball gown, or princess dress. This silhouette is featured with a fitted bodice and a lush layered skirt, which often turns into a luxurious long train. Lush silhouettes are considered a classic vision of wedding gown, because in such a dress everyone imagines a fairy-tale bride. This silhouette will suit any type of figure, moreover, it will help conceal certain imperfections. Miniature brides of short or medium height will look especially fragile and elegant in the "Princess" silhouette dress.

A-line silhouette dress. Looser and less lush than a ball gown, the A-line dress is characterized by a fitted top and a skirt that falls freely, resembling letter A. This silhouette is featured by restraint and elegance and will perfectly fit the concept of a royal wedding. The dress of an A-silhouette can be chosen by owners of absolutely all types of figure. Beautifully emphasizing the waist, such dress will be perfect for romantic and dreamy brides.

​Mermaid silhouette. This type of dress is fitted through top, waist and skirt up to the knees and then dramatically flares out down to the floor, like a mermaid tail. Such silhouette would be perfect for those brides, who want to make emphasis on slender waist and hips. Mermaid dresses are created for daring and confident girls, owners of ideal hourglass figures, where waist is extremely thin. Despite the mermaid styled gown can show off some imperfections, it will fit all sizes and ages and will look especially beautiful on plus ones.

Jumpsuit. A jumpsuit is an extravagant and daring decision for modern and stylish brides. This is a one-piece garment with fitted top and bottom falling into either trousers or shorts. A jumpsuit is a perfect alternative to a formal gown, in case you want to be impressing, unexpected and always ready for a dance. Jumpsuits can be worn by girls of all figure types, who have a desire for something different and fresh.

Midi-length dress. If a traditional floor-long wedding gown just doesn’t feel right for you, a midi-length one is always an option. This silhouette can be designed as any other gown, but hits length between the knees and the ankles. This style is perfect for girls with regular figure proportion and of tall hight. The midi length is now having a massive moment in bridal fashion, making it ideal for the fashion-forward newlywed. Dress goes better with a stylish headpiece, some sparkly jewelry or a pretty veil for an on-trend wedding day look. And don't forget to top it off with a pair of eye-catching shoes.

You can find any of these gown silhouette types in WONA concept exclusive collections. Whether it would be a princess gown, midi-length one or a jumpsuit – choose the option that will perfectly fit your personality and will make you feel special on your most important day!


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