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Wedding Fashion 2020: The Biggest Trends

Wedding fashion is constantly evolving and a new decade is going to begin. We have distinguished leading trends of 2020. Welcome to a new era of wedding fashion!




Perfect fitting and pure lines lie at the heart of classiс wedding dress inspired by Meghan Markle and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. Minimalistic bridal arrays won’t lose its popularity and stylishness a great while.

Tiered skirt

Wedding dress with full skirt that is made of hundreds of tender veiling is a top trend of bridal outfit 2020. Royal ball gown dresses are definitely going to beautify the bride’s figures next season.

Full Sleeves

Full sleeves are highly popular in the fashion industry. Now, this trend has reached the wedding gowns. Airy sleeves and extra-low set of shoulders have become main attention grabbers in wedding campaigns.


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Superb Cape

Designers have been experimenting with a wedding veil in every possible way. For that reason, cape as a hybrid of veil and wedding wrap is gaining popularity.

Pearls and Feather

Stylists widely use feather in their collections, so it becomes more and more popular every season. As a result, brides gladly choose dresses that are strewn with airly snow-white feathers. Delicate feathers and pearls of different sizes will decorate both elegant gowns and bold mini dresses.



Spectacular Bows

Bows take their place in wedding collections from one year to another. Silky bows on waists, asymmetrical details on breasts or small bows on arms — designers experiment with them in all possible ways.

Lace abundance

Delicate lace, embroidery and floral applications have become leading elements of many wedding collections. Luxurious floral patterns adorn romantic dresses and make them truly beautiful.

Alternative to a Wedding Dress

Women that look for practical or extravagant bridal gowns can start celebrating. Thus, the number of laconic trouser suits, jumpsuits with capes and snow-white sets of skirts and blouses has increased significantly. All looks will be appropriate not only during the wedding ceremony but also in everyday life.



Away With Long Dresses

Short length gains more and more attention among brides with each season. Many girls choose the short length dresses for the second part of the wedding, as it does not constrain movement and allows you to feel more relaxed.

Audacious Low Neck

The fragility of the female figure, delicate collarbones, and a seductive neckline never left anyone indifferent. In the new season, designers with the help of V-shaped neckline show their love for women.


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