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Swindell Wedding in Fredericksburg, Texas


Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale ...

Bridal Designer: WONÁ Concept | Venue: Sunsettrancheventcenter | Photographer: Camera Shi |  
Videographer: Here after films | Florist: Mtnlaurel Floral | Planner: Taylor Bible Weddings |   
Catering: Cartewheels Catering | Cake: Michelle's Patisserie​



Texas wedding delivers amazing memorable moments. Maybe it's our southern hospitality, living life large and knowing how to party strong, but we bring it on in every sense of the word. There are a number of Texas wedding traditions that are unique, charming and a bit out of the traditional wedding box.

Here are some of our Texas wedding tradition favorites:

1. Welcome Gift

The warmest Texas-style welcome gift is something guests will really appreciate and it kicks off the wedding weekend with a bang! The generous bag or box of goodies often features a logo of the Lone Star State and is packed inside with yummies like chips and salsa, Texas-size cookies, pecans (official state nut), Mexican Cola, a Texas bottle opener, pralines, etc. You get the idea.




2. Groom's Cake

Texas wedding customs always ensure that cake and more cake define the reception. The bride has her fancy white tiered cake with all the elegant details baked in, but the groom also gets his own cake and one designed with his personality in mind. A groom's cake can feature his favorite sport or team, a fraternity emblem, etc. Often, the groom's cake includes rich, decadent chocolate.

3. Texas Cuisine

A good ole Texas wedding doesn't have to mean ultra-fussy food, In fact, a traditional wedding feast from the Lone Star State often delights guests with favorites like barbecued brisket, smoked pork butts, and sizzling beef ribs. Or it could feature a Tex-Mex celebration of burritos, fajitas, chipotle nachos, carnitas tacos, and chili or a soul food banquet of fried chicken, greens, mac and cheese, and shrimp and grits.

4. Money Dance

This Mexican tradition allows the bridal couple to mingle with their guests in a little one-on-one time. It's fun, playful and popular as Texas wedding customs go. As the DJ or band plays the designated song, guests pay for the honor of dancing with the bride or groom until another guest pays for a turn on the dance floor. Texas tradition often has the Best Man going around and collecting dollar bills in a boot.



5. Pounding Party

Generations have handed down deep-routed, Texas wedding traditions like the pounding party. Friends and families get together to embrace the bride and groom-to-be or newlyweds with staples for their new pantry. Flour, sugar, butter, and eggs by the pound are just some of the kitchen essentials to shower the happy couple with.

6. Outdoor Weddings

Let's be honest. The wide-open landscape of the Lone Star State is quite beautiful and the ideal backdrop for those signature Texas nuptials. The month of October happens to be a gorgeous time to say "I do" with a lovely climate that averages between 60 and 80 degrees. With such a colorful, natural expanse for a backdrop, decorating themes for an outdoor Texas wedding lend an almost infinite number of ideas.

7. Burying the Bourbon

No couple wishes for rain on their big day, right? Well, burying the bourbon will, hopefully, avoid a soggy affair. As charming Texas wedding traditions go, you're supposed to place a full, sealed bottle of bourbon and bury it upside down at the ceremony site exactly 30 days before you tie the knot. Folklore says that the bottle must be buried as close to the place as possible to where you plan to say your vows. On the day of the wedding, the newlyweds dig up the bottle and take a sip with their friends.

"No place but Texas would I ever roam. No place but Texas, my home, sweet home." - Willie Nelson




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