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Sophie Evekink Married Prince Ludwig of Bavaria Wearing Veil Designed by WONÁ Concept

What did it mean to you to create the veil for the first look and the second dress for Princess Sophie von Bayern?

It was a tremendous honor to be a part of such a momentous occasion for Princess Sophie and all of Bavaria.

How has it been working with her?

She reached out to our flagship store in NYC and expressed her desires for the dress and veil, explaining exactly how she envisioned them. She had a clear idea of what she wanted her veil to look like, featuring a lion, maple leaf, and tulip embroidery at the bottom center to symbolize her Dutch-Canadian heritage and honor her marriage to the German prince.

As for the second wedding dress created by Eva Lendel, Sophie wish to wear a pastel hue instead of the traditional bridal white, which she could also wear again in the future, aligning with her overall color scheme. We took all her wishes into consideration, and the result was a romantic and elegant light blue A-line gown adorned with floral lace, accompanied by a detachable tulle cape.

The most unexpected moment was when Princess Sophie invited two showroom employees who had worked with her and helped with all the preparations to her wedding in Bavaria. According to the girls, it was simply amazing, like a childhood dream come true!

How did you feel when you received the commission from her? If you could share a little about your experience, that would be great.

It was our first time working with a real princess! Naturally, our entire team was incredibly excited about it. From the showroom to production, all team members put forth their best efforts to make Sophie's experience as pleasant as possible. Our Ukrainian team even had a few sleepless nights due to the time difference, as we worked closely with the NY team to discuss every detail and find the best way to bring the Princess's dream to life.

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