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Shanghai Fashion Week

This season one of the largest events in China, Shanghai Fashion Week featured over 1,000 designers and brands showing across runways, presentations, events and tradeshows.

Within fashion week famous Ukrainian bridal and evening wear company held a runway show on October 12th. The show was presented by 50 unique dresses with different silhouettes, fabrics and shapes. Moreover, the final dress was presented by one the most beautiful Chinese girls Miss Universe China 2016» Li Zhenying.

But the most important part of the runway show was that, WONÁ started rebranding and shifting the name to WONÁ concept.

WONÁ – it is a message to the audience that the company origin from Ukraine and means “she.” The name emphasizes the brand’s commitment to its clients–women–who are also the inspiration for the dresses.

WONÁ believes you must love life and the work you do. WONÁ is committed to unders- tanding the unique psychological abilities of women: the ability to empathize and the desire to make others happy.

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