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Nikita & Dasha | Dreamy garden wedding

How to have an amazing wedding without a venue

Photography: Sergey Buryak | Concept, Decor and Florals: Comilfodecor | Bridal Designer: WONÁs  | Catering: Figaro catering | Complex technical solution: Franz audio | Partner: Martini | Make up and Hair: The Brow Bar | Jewelry: SOVA jewelry | Models: Nikira Dobrynin & Dasha Kvitkova



While an outdoor wedding is a great idea, it isn't always practical, and a lot of couples are afraid of the rain. They don't want to have to move something awesome indoors, and they really don't want to wait until the last minute to do so.

One of the amazing settings for a wedding is in a garden because of the natural look of the flowers. Since this is typically sought after in spring (aka when it rains), we like to work with our brides to bring the garden indoors. A recent wedding we worked on focused on a "secret garden" theme to really bring it all together. We turned the drab country club into a garden by including fresh flowers that weren't constructed into tall centerpieces, but rather deconstructed to look a little less formal. We also brought heavy greenery to the double doors outside so that guests knew the were entering the garden. Even the walls had flower arrangements on them.




There are a lot of advantages of a garden wedding. Great scenery for you and your guests to admire, the fresh air scented by seasonal flowers in bloom, and the warm sun on your shoulders as you recite your vows; what could be more perfect?

A garden wedding does take a good deal of planning, however, and there may be practical aspects you haven’t considered. If you are hiring a garden venue that is frequently used for weddings, they should already have a lot of the facilities in place for your big day. On the other hand, if you want to have your wedding in your own garden, that of your parents or a friend, or perhaps in a park that isn’t often used for this purpose, you may find you are starting from scratch.

A lot of garden wedding venues either allow you to bring in an outside caterer or their in house caterer reflects the farm to table style that is so popular. Whatever the case, you’re likely to have amazing food if you have a garden wedding.

You don’t need thousands of dollars to make wedding at home a success. You also don’t need fancy wines and expensive meals and a brand new landscaped yard. The success of your wedding lies upon you and your attitude. If you’re enjoying yourself and feeling happy and casual about the whole day, your guests are likely to feel the same way. By making things casual and simple, you’ll be able to have a happier day that all of your guests can enjoy.



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