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Mix & Match: WONÁ and the COAT by Katya Silchenko present their exclusive partnership

Relevance and unique design are the essences of the exclusive wedding collaboration of WONÁ Concept with the COAT by Katya Silchenko. The collection includes 16 full-fledged looks, but all the elements can be mixed without hesitation in any combination!

Katya Silchenko, as a famous designer, developed the sketches and the production and tailoring of the collection was carried out at the WONÁ Concept factory. Katya says: “I have always dreamed to create a wedding dresses’ collection, and Ilona, the founder of the brand WONÁ, surprisingly contacted me at the right moment. Actually, to be honest, this wedding selection is absolutely unique, because it illustrates both me and the DNA of my fashion brand.”

The mix and match concept within the collaboration provides easy solutions for brides, such as a wide lineup of 16 looks and accessories range, which can be combined, depending on style, mood and wishes. Special attention is paid to the premium fabrics: Mikado, Italian taffeta, silk satin and mesh.

The creators of the collection carefully worked on the details, took care of the bridesmaids’ outfits, and together with FIORI, have created three bouquets that suit the collection: classic white with unusual peas, a traditional wedding bouquet of roses, and a sophisticated version with peonies.

This collaboration differs from any other traditional bridal collection by WONÁ Concept, because it exists in a variety of different styles combinations. That is why we have created a video tutorial to make the process of choosing and buying easier. Collaboration with the COAT has brought a whole new vibe to the WONÁ Concept product range, complementing it with practicality, lightness and a special style.

The final stage is the campaign shooting in New York, where each look was shown in not able to many locations, which are associated with the stylish famous women from iconic films. The public library where Carrie Bradshaw was going to get married, the legendary Tiffany boutique, Central Park, Brooklyn and Manhattan - these are the places that inspired the creation of unique dresses.

Very soon the Mix & Match collection will be available in our Crystal showrooms in Kyiv and Lviv. Follow the updates on social media.

P.S. Love

Photo: Philipp Cherichenko
Make up/ Hair: Juliana
Stylist: Zhenya Primachenko
Video: Alexey Glebko​

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