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How to support Ukraine

Dear friends!

Since our peaceful Ukraine was attacked by Russia in the end of February a real war has started at our home. Although Ukrainians didn’t become scared, didn’t give up, but united against the enemy like never before!

We all here in Ukraine are doing our best to stay strong, support each other, give help to refugees and what is most important give immense support to our Ukrainian Armed Forces who are fighting to save our lives.

Despite all the horrors now experienced by Ukrainians, we keep staying strong and confident in our quick victory! Moreover every Ukrainian is contributing to this victory every day!

Our company doesn’t stay aside as well. During these hard days we are actively helping and supporting our army and people in need:

- our factory based in Lviv welcomes refugees who need accommodation and food.

- our seamstresses continues working sewing clothes for our Armed Forces apart from wedding dresses: thermal underwear, balaclavas, warm fleece suits and Ukrainian flags to support the spirit.

- our partners from all over the world are expressing their support and helping financially for the humanitarian aid and help for Ukrainian army.

- we have already purchased lots of bulletproof vests and walkie-talkies for our Armed Forces and we actively continue doing this.

Below you can find the guide of how you can support Ukraine now being a foreigner. Also the same links can be found in our social media.

How to support Ukraine now:

Help Ukrainian Armed Forces

Humanitarian Aid to the Victims

American Fund for Humanitarian and Medical Aid to Ukraine

Also we are pleased to announce that Eva Lendel is expanding its production! In addition to our main powerful factory in Ukraine, we are opening another one in Poland.

This will ensure the timeliness of all orders, increase our capabilities, number of workplaces and strengthen your trust to our brand even more.

Despite the situation in Ukraine being quite difficult - we are not broken, we are moving forward and doing everything to continue making you happy with beautiful dresses made by our brand!

We feel extremely grateful for all the supporting words we have received from you during these days. Any of your help is priceless, whether it is moral or financial or any other.

Unfortunately the war is not over yet and lots of people in Ukraine are suffering every single day! So we continue to beg you for help and prayers!

Thank you so much for not staying indifferent!

Glory to Ukraine!


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