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David & Alexis | destination wedding in Positano

Nearly always when you find a place as beautiful as Positano, your impulse is to conceal it


Positano is one of the most magical wedding destinations in the world. But in case you have any doubt in your mind, Alexis & Daven’s wedding album is the only proof you’ll need. Every detail of this wedding was chosen to highlight all the things the region is known for –the cobalt blue of the ocean, the magenta of local bougainvillea, bright lemons, and ceramics. When we asked about her decor inspiration, the bride told us: “I was drawn to romantic watercolors and florals, but also the classy elegance of modern fonts and glass decor. I wanted to immerse our guests in a classic Italian vacation, and that’s exactly what we did. Anyone can go to Italy on a vacation, but it’s a rare occasion to be able to say you went to celebrate a loved one’s wedding.




Weddings in Positano are a unique experience not to be missed! Needless to say that a wedding in Positano is truly romantic. Positano with its warm climate, lively atmosphere and vibrant Mediterranean colors will conquer you! The famous author John Steinbeck once described Positano as "a dream place that isn't quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone". It certainly is an astonishing sight as picturesque Positano appears before you, a cluster of pretty pastel-shaded buildings packed tightly on a steep terraced hillside with the beach and the glistening sea far below.




The road lay-out through this unique little town is quite amazing, just one steep one-way street and a higgledy-piggledy mass of sloping cobbled alleyways and steps. Fashionable boutiques selling the famous Positano lace dresses line the narrow alleys and there is a color and gaiety about the place which lends a very festive feel to the atmosphere.The small village of Positano offers many beautiful venues for your wedding ceremony and reception.



A panoramic terrace overlooking the sea is the perfect backdrop for an outdoor civil wedding in Positano, while the local churches are suitable for catholic weddings with legal validity. Couples planning a protestant or symbolic wedding in Positano may choose among a luxuriant botanical garden, panoramic terraces of luxury hotels or private Mediterranean Villas located in the heart of town.We promise you a memorable Positano wedding kissed by the sun and blessed by the Mediterranean sea.


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