Love in the City




Edem collection is a dream for the bride looking for something special for her big day. From glamorously beaded mermaids to romantic lace adorned ball gowns, there’s something for every bride in this gorgeous collection. The details of these gowns are just spectacular! Think bead-encrusted bodices and exquisite hand-worked embroideries, along with incredible laces and luxurious fabrics that are exclusive to the brand.


Love stories

Diva is an incredible and extremely elegant at the same way collection. Mix of later trends and always fashionable basic classic is a win win for each bride. All gowns are sewn to emphasize brides beauty and character.

Catching the wind

Catching the wind collection will underline the unique style of each bride. The collection includes different styles from gowns to rompers that will perfectly fit. This collection is stylish, spunky and perfect for both modern and classic wedding. All gowns from this collection are special for daring brides, who love to impress and admire.


Royal Garden

Royal Garden is a fresh look at the wedding fashion. The collection surprise diversity in a variety of forms, fabrics and handmade decoration. Even the most demanding bride can choose a dress for herself. In this collection there are styles for all types of figures - from Empire to A-line, for all types of character - from rebel to gentle princess.

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