Introducing our mesmerizing mermaid wedding dress, a true embodiment of glamour and sophistication. This exquisite gown is lavishly adorned with shimmering sequins, creating an enchanting play of light and sparkle. The strapless corset boasts a chic straight across neckline, beautifully accentuating your décolletage. Adding an air of elegance, the corset is expertly draped with luxurious mikado fabric on the top, creating a captivating visual texture and volume. To elevate the drama, a detachable mikado cape is fixed at the waist, decorated with a statement-making big bow. The cape cascades gracefully, exuding a regal aura as you glide down the aisle. This mermaid wedding dress is a perfect fusion of modern style and timeless elegance, designed to make you feel like the epitome of grace and beauty on your special day.

Detachable elements
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